Bitcoin will drop to $15000 in June 2022: Expert Peter Schiff Prediction

Expert Peter Schiff has predicted that bitcoin is a zero value coin and will have a significant fall in june 2022

he said in his latest podast, that despite the rally of shares on 27th may, bitcoin did not get any support

peter schiff is the expert who predicted the 2007 sub prime us crisis, he has been against bitcoin and crypto for a long time

peter schiff has predicted that this is not the bottom of bitcoin, therefore buying the dip now is a bad idea

he has said that buying the bitcoin in the range of $30,000 can be a big mistake as it can go 50% down from here in one month

he has also warned that bitcoin gamblers may show a rising trend to lure investors but will dump the coin very soon!!

therefore investors, pls be very careful and not make big crypto investments while the fall is there