Keisha Castle-Hughes Photos

Keisha Castle-Hughes Photos: Keisha Castle-Hughes is a New Zealand actress. She was born on 24 March 1990  in Donnybrook, Western Australia. She is a daughter of Desrae Hughes and Tim Castle, an Anglo Australian father. At the age of 4 she moved to Auckland, New Zealand with her family. She is graduated from Senior College of New Zealand  in Auckland. She becomes known for playing the role of Paikea “Pai”Apirana in the film Whale Rider. She also nominated for several awards included an Academy Award for Best Actress and an award at the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award  for Best Young Actor/Actress.

At the age of sixteen she and her boyfriend Bradley Hull were expecting a child together. She gave birth to a daughter on 25 April 2007. After seven years of togetherness Castle-Hughes and Hull broke up in 2010. In 2013 she again married with Jonathan Morrison on Valentine’s Day . They were divorced in December 2016. In 2021 she married Donny Grahamer in New York City. A month later she announced that she was pregnant with her second child.