Gin Wigmore Photos: Gin Wigmore is a singer and songwriter of New Zealand. She was born with name Virginia Clarie Wigmore on 06 June 1986 in Auckland, New Zealand. She is daughter of Peter and Adrienne Wigmore. She has 2 siblings older to her. At the age of fourteen she wrote her first song. She is vegetarian. She was selected for SAFE’s “New Zealand’s Hottest Vegetarians” award in 2015. She is very famous for her high pitched and raspy voice. She appeared in four albums includes Holy Smoke in 2009, Gravel & Wine in 2011, Blood to Bone in 2015 and Ivory in 2018.

In September 2014 she married with Jason Butler, Lead singer of Fever 333. The couple blessed with two children first is daughter named Pascal Nashoba Butler born on 7 September 2017 second is son named Izaiah River Butler born on 20 March 2020.