Tannaz Tabatabaei Photos: Tannaz Tabatabaei is an famous and beautiful Iranian actress, who was born on 10 may 1983. She is equally worked in TV series, theatres and cinemas. She is graduated in theatre from IAUCTB. In 2003 she debuted in cinema with the film name Aida, I Saw Your Father Last Night. After that she came to limelight and starred in other TV series and films. Moreover, Her wonderful role in the 2008 film Sadaha led her to won best supporting actress award.

What is the Marital Status of Tannaz Tabatabaei? Who is her Husband?

She is not married and also not dating anyone.

What is Tannaz Tabatabaei Age and Date of Birth?

She is 38 years old and she was born on 10 may 1983.

What is Tannaz Tabatabaei Height?

She is 5 ft 3 in.

What is Tannaz Tabatabaei Annual Income?

$1-5 Million approx.

طناز طباطبایی Photos: طناز طباطبایی بازیگر مشهور و زیبای ایرانی است که در 10 مه 1983 متولد شد. او به همان اندازه در سریال های تلویزیونی ، تئاتر و سینما کار می کند. وی فارغ التحصیل رشته تئاتر از IAUCTB است. در سال 2003 او در سینما با نام فیلم Aida، I See Your Father Last Night (اولین بار پدرت را دیدم) اولین بار در سینما حضور یافت. پس از آن او مورد توجه قرار گرفت و در سریال ها و فیلم های تلویزیونی دیگری بازی کرد. علاوه بر این ، نقش شگفت انگیز او در فیلم Sadaha در سال 2008 باعث شد که وی جایزه بهترین بازیگر نقش مکمل زن را از آن خود کند.

(This Persian translation is done using Google translator, apologies for inadvertent mistakes)