Jing Tian Photos
Jing Tian Photos

Jing Tian Photos: A fairly proficient and remarkable Chinese actress Jing Tian is best known for her roles in war epic The Warring States, the action films Special ID and many more. Her historical fiction drama The Glory of Tang Dynasty became immense popular and gained the positive reviews. She starred in the road-trip romance drama Love Journey alongside actor and model Chen Xiao.

Jing Tian Photos: 一位精通和出色的中国女演员京田以在战争史诗《战国》,动作片Special ID等中的角色而闻名。她的历史小说《唐朝的荣耀》广受欢迎,并获得好评。她与演员和模特儿陈晓一起出演了浪漫旅行爱情剧《爱情之旅》。

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